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Breast Reduction Scottsdale

Breast reduction may be necessary when large breasts interfere with your daily life.  These additional complications brought about by large breasts can be undesirable.  You may experience problems with breathing, standing with a straight posture, and pain in your muscles.  There may even be pain in the back and shoulder areas.

Marc Malek M.D. is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to deliver excellent results in breast reduction treatments in Scottsdale.  He can help restore body balance and help you continue your regular life without any complications.

Reducing the size and volume of the breasts involve removing additional fat and tissue around the chest.  This can help reduce breast volume and weight, leading to an improved posture and less stress on the body.

There is little difficulty experienced when recovering from a breast reduction procedure.  There may be minor pain or swelling, but this is limited and will disappear with time.  If you are struggling with large breasts and looking for a high quality solution, Dr. Malek can help you.  You can determine your candidacy for treatment by calling our office today and scheduling a consultation.