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Breast Lift Scottsdale

Some patients may have breasts that show the effects of aging, these include drooping or sagging features.  Numerous patients want to maintain their youthful appearances and seek surgery to prevent these features.  A procedure that works is breast lift, it improves the positioning and volume of breast to create a more desirable look.

Dr. Malek is a plastic surgeon who includes breast lift procedures in his repertoire.  Based in Scottsdale, his breast lift techniques involve an artistic approach that create rewarding results.  He has treated numerous patients and helped them re-sculpt their bodies.  Results can be seen within 2-3 hours following the procedure.

While breast lifts can eliminate the effects of aging, it is not intended to reverse aging in general.  Patients who desire only an improvement to the appearance of their breasts are the best candidates for this procedure.  Dr. Malek will minimize the number of incisions and ensure they are made in concealed or less visible areas.

Dr. Malek’s office welcomes patients by employing a unique treatment plan oriented around their goals. Everyone has a unique body, so each patient deserves a unique breast lift experience.  Our team can help you determine your candidacy for this treatment.  To schedule your appointment, please call our office today.