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Breast Augmentation Scottsdale

The ideal breast augmentation procedure should feel natural and result in a significantly improved body shape.  Patients can see an imperceivable improvement while enjoying a figure that will promote their confidence.  Dr. Malek is a breast augmentation surgeon in Scottsdale who can achieve the most natural-looking and fantastic results.

Our results can create a refined look of elegance for your body which will improve your self-confidence.  Dr. Malek and his team devote their resources towards creating the most natural-looking and pleasant results.

Breast augmentations can be generally completed in 1-2 hours, normally with general anesthesia.  The incisions are performed in the most inconspicuous areas to minimize the visibility of scars.  Dr. Malek will discuss with you available options for breast augmentation or breast surgery.  You will have your body or figure evaluated and a specific treatment plan will be developed to create a precise result.

Thousands of women each year undergo breast augmentation to increase their breast size and volume.  It is among the most popular cosmetic procedures.  Dr. Malek possesses all the experience, training, and skill to deliver the most desirable outcomes.  A consultation can help determine if you eligible for the procedure.  Whether you want breast implants or breast lift, you need to ensure your body is ready.

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